This time around we talk at length with local tattooer Duffy Moon. Duffy was very kind to sit down with us after Kat Von D failed to respond to an interview request (seriously). Perhaps she’s too busy to accommodate a small outfit such as ours. Perhaps I shouldn’t have closed the email with “Smell ya later.” Regardless, we never got a response, but we’re not done trying. We’ll ask Kat’s co-worker Hannah Atchison next. If she’s not game, we’ll try the shop “manager”—the one with the big rack and forked tongue (literally). But we’ll interview Duffy again before we have to talk to the other cast members (got to draw the line somewhere).

In a shorter segment you get to meet shop regular and all around cool chick Tania.

Thanks to both for being such good sports.
Our 3 part first interview with local tattooer Duffy Moon –
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– Click Here to View Pt. 3 of 3

Our first profile interview with shop regular Tania –
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