the true believer shamrock newsletter issue number 2
Happy holidays from Shamrock.
We realize everyone is real busy this time of year, so we’re keeping this issue brief—no interviews, minimum verbiage (I’ll save my poem about Kat Von D for the next issue). Nonetheless, we’ve a few things we’d like to share with you, including some photos of recent work. But first, current events ...

Patrick recently received fifteen stitches.
After having a one inch dowel broken over his head (photo).
What can I say? I’d had enough of his lip.

The police report sums up what actually happened
(read “second male” as “Patrick Ethington”):

Spokane Police took a male into custody tonight after he assaulted three different people with two different weapons in the area of 500 W. Sinto. The incident started at approximately 9:48 pm. Witnesses reported the fight originally started with a female victim. The suspect, a 41 year old male named Tony R. Lewis, crashed through a five foot glass window chasing after the female. She ran out a door, which he also crashed through trying to get to her. Once he caught up with her, he hit her on the head with a 1 inch thick dowel.

Another male saw this and tried to intervene. Lewis dropped the dowel and picked up a boulder, hitting the first male in the face with it and breaking his nose. A second male stepped in to try and stop the assault. Lewis assaulted the second male with the dowel, leaving a one inch laceration on the top of his head.

Police were unable to locate the female once they arrived on scene; however, Lewis was taken into custody. He was booked into Spokane County Jail for 2 counts of SECOND DEGREE ASSAULT and 1 count of SECOND DEGREE MALICIOUS MISCHIEF.

Much could be said of this altercation and many choice details have been left out of the police report, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll add only this: Patrick, fortunately, seems okay—or at least no different than usual—after a very selfless act. Many are grateful of this. (My favorite part not mentioned in the report: Had Mr. Lewis not stopped fighting with Patrick when the police finally arrived, the cop was going to hit Mr. Lewis with his car.)

We’ve two upcoming events at the shop:
An open house from noon to 4pm on Sun. 23 December.
Stop in, have a beer, some food, pick up a last minute gift certificate or Shamrock Tattoo beanie (sadly, no T-shirts as of yet).

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Bouncing Souls lead singer Gregory Attonito and his girlfriend Shanti Wintergate will be in town some time in February to read from I Went for a Walk, the children’s book they’ve written together. They will be at the shop that evening to do a reading, maybe sing some songs. Adults and children are both welcome. If you’re interested in coming, call the shop as February nears in order to find out what time it all starts.

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
When Buck asked me to write this column, I thought No problem. However, it turns out, horrifyingly, that I can’t write. I write whole pages and slowly cross out almost every thing until only isolated fragments remain. What I have been trying to communicate is that this time of year makes me very happy and optimistic. If getting fifteen stitches hasn’t changed that, I don’t think anything will.

Thanks to all my family and friends.

Happy Yule and up with pagans.