the true believer shamrock newsletter issue number 4
Shamrock Newsletter #4 here, for those of you who are keeping track.
And if you are, then you know it’s been awhile; therefore, I’ll get some mileage out of this one: We’ll look back to the summer and reflect on Patrick’s fifteen years of tattooing (see Face Time and his own column, Another Beautiful Day in Paradise), share some photos, and look into the future, courtesy of Desiree, to see what 09 holds in store for us.
As mentioned above, Patrick celebrated fifteen years of tattooing professionally this year—an impressive milestone for sure. We’re all so proud.

Des and her husband Curtis started a roller derby team earlier this year, so if you’re interested in mixing it up while on roller-skates, be sure to get in touch with her—they’re practicing regularly.

We’re undecided at the moment whether or not we will participate in the Spokane Tattoo Convention coming again this May. If we do, we’ll be sure to let you know so that you know to look for us . . . assuming that kind of thing interests you.

Other than that, little to report. No one has been hit upside the head with a stick of wood for months now.

Des, however, has been busy staring into the future and has a lot to say . . .
Smoke Signals (by Desiree)
Face it, the holidays are here. That means something different for everyone. Regardless, after the bustle and expectations are gone, it’s just another new year. Based on your sun sign, here’s what you have to look forward to—or not look forward to—in 2009.
Aries: This year what you do and what you gain is a real mix. Dramatic changes are gonna happen after Augaust. Your health is solid and you will spend good times with family—which is good cuz your love life will suck until September. Then things are bound to get better. Your financial gains will get better as well. December will be a month when you make some good guesses that will bring future benefits.

Taurus: Hang in there Taurus, because 2009 is about as good as 2008—until September, then your love and money will get better.

Gemini: Watch out Gemini, this year is going to get hard after September. Get ready for new challenges and watch your health. Your family could be a bitch in December. So enjoy this year’s holidays and plan a ski trip for next year’s—maybe with a new love. And pay for it now cuz money will not be so good after September—and don’t mess with real estate either.
Cancer: Things have been hard for Cancers for a while—like seven and a half years! Saturn has been taking its sweet time passing through your chart. Things should dramatically change for the better in September. Your job may improve and this is a year of love. After September try some kind of investment—you may end up with a gain.

Leo: This is a real mixed year for you. The last quarter of the year holds lots of changes: money, work, and family could be a real worry for you. July is a good career month for you and things will mellow toward the year’s end.

Virgo: This is a mixed year—the last quarter of the year, watch your health. Check for a bun in the oven—new additions to the family are likely. There should be good lovin’ for the first nine months. There may be a new job and lots of travel. Don’t plan on holding on to any money until the end of August.

Libra: The last quarter of the year will bring major changes. There will be a sudden change in prosperity after September. Be ready. You may move this year and your health should be good. Kick it up at work cuz after September there is not much gain for Librans and some may lose. Hang in there—things get better in December.

Scorpio: This is a year of luck and prosperity. Your health will be good. You may start a new job or get promoted. Travel is likely and money will be better after August.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent year for you. As the year goes by, it gets better. The best time will start the second week of September. Work and your lover or love life will get better—theirs as well.

Capricorn: 2009 will be better than 2008—thank gods. But it will slowly get better as the year goes on. Saturn is still in your 8th house, which brings in some crap. After September, things get better in general. There may be a loss in your family and overall crappiness in the home life. Work life may be crappy as well. You won’t get recognition or rewards that are due. You may lose money or have unusual expenses—so be ready. Your lover will be there for you and that is not crappy.

Aquarius: This will be a challenging year. There will be obstacles and frustrations as the year goes on—especially after September when Saturn comes into your 8th house. It is important to be cautious in making decisions. If you have been sick, watch out for a tough time. Now is not the time to guess on money. Partnerships in work will not improve. Expect fraud, cheating, and shit-talking. Your love life sucks too. And if this isn’t enough, be aware of wasteful spending.

Pisces: Things look good this year in work, money, and family—until September when Saturn moves into your 7th house. Get ready cuz the shit hits the fan. This is a year of good gains and good guessing.
Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
I have been tattooing 15 years as of the end of June 2008 and it fills me with mixed emotions. I feel proud of my accomplishments but don't like to point them out. I prefer to let my work speak for itself. As a rule I don't trust people who tell you about what they have done and how great they are. If they are so great shouldn't it be obvious?

So I will let each person draw his or her own conclusions and talk about something really interesting: I no longer believe in Zombies! I know it's a shock but it turns out there is a TOTAL lack of evidence! If I wanted to believe in something that takes that kind of leap of faith I would believe in religion or the government or maybe worship the sun or something. What won't change is my commitment to doing the absolute best work I possibly can and I wanted to say thank you to everybody who has supported me the last 15 years. I love working at Shamrock with Buck and Desiree and I am looking forward to whatever the future brings. Very special thanks to Dahlia, Emily, Hazel and Mae!


Thank You
Our customers, especially our regulars—we couldn’t do it with out ya’ll; all who came by for the xmas party; Nadine—you’re too kind; Brandon, for all the electrical work; and as always, those of you who brought us beer.

Happy New Year!

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